Shipping Policy


Domestic packages are shipped via USPS either Monday or Wednesday depending on the time of the break. For example, breaks that occur on Wednesday will most likely ship the following Monday and breaks that happen during the weekend will most likely ship the following Wednesday. This schedule is subject to change based on weekly availability.


International collectors are welcome, but not all countries are allowed to purchase through the online store. If you’d like to join a group break and your country is not available, please contact me directly (Contact Me). I will send an invoice through PayPal and ship the package.

International shipping costs will range between $2 to $3.25 per spot depending on the break. Shipments will occur every 2-3 weeks and the time of shipment is typically dependent on the size of the package.

If you need expedited shipping, please contact me directly and we can work it out together.


Insurance is an optional service that must be purchased by the recipient. Packages are not automatically insured. If you’d like to insure your package, please contact me directly with the insured amount and I will calculate the additional cost.

** Updated May 20, 2018