Mailbox Service

Before sending cards for this service, you must be approved by Courtside Collectibles. You will be assigned with a specific mailbox name (typically username).


Please ship cards to the following address:

Courtside Collectibles c/o [your mailbox name]
3879 E 120th Ave Ste 99
Thornton, CO 80233
United States

Cards within packages will be scanned and sent to the mailbox owner. Cards that are eligible to be processed are professionally graded (e.g. BGS, PSA), autographs, memorabilia, and very rare cards. If package arrives with base (veteran and rookies) or inserts, these cards will not be processed but placed into your mailbox. There is no change to receive hitless packs or boxes into mailbox. You can request packs and boxes to be opened during live broadcast (including upload to YouTube), but supplies for cards must be purchased. Packages will NOT be processed until processing fee has been purchased.

For example, if a package arrives with 50 cards, but only 8 cards are eligible to be processed please select the 10 cards or less option.

If you required non-eligible cards to be scanned, please contact me directly for a quote.

Please allow for one (1) week processing time. This includes scanning of eligible cards and receipt of images.

WANT TO SELL YOUR CARDS? If you would like to sell your cards, I can direct ship cards to buyers. Shipping will be $5 for US/Canada and $8 for international using USPS First Class Mail service. Please contact me directly for this service.

WANT TO GRADE YOUR CARDS? If you would like to grade your cards, please visit the BGS Submission page.

Cards will be held for 30 days. Please purchase return shipping each month. Insure packages if added protection is needed.

NOTE: Courtside Collectibles, LLC is not responsible for lost or damaged cards/packages. Please insure your packages for added protection. By purchasing an option, you are in agreement with these terms.

Please contact me directly for payment options.