Courtside Collectibles 2023 End of the Year Giveaway

Posted by Courtside Collectibles on

It's that time again! We've started our annual End of the Year Giveaway promo! If you haven't been part of this event in the past, watch last year's giveaway video (click here).

Throughout December we'll have various breaks available and each break will offer a specific number of entries into the giveaway drawing. Each break will display a bracket [ ] with a number in the title. The number indicates the number of entries into the prize drawing each participant will earn per spot/team purchased. Higher the number, the more entries you will earn per spot.

We'll be posting the prizes for this giveaway will on social media, so keep an eye out on all the posts! Prizes will include sealed boxes, gift cards, autographed memorabilia, singles and more!

Before the end of the year, we'll do the prize drawing live on YouTube and upload the video. From there the participants who have been selected to choose a prize will be able to draft a prize based on the order of the randomized list.

Appreciate your support and close out the year with a bang!