Courtside Collectibles 2021 End Of The Year Giveaway

Posted by Courtside Collectibles on

It's been a wild year for the hobby and we're approaching the end of 2021. We've been doing this year end promotion for a few years now and it's time again!

We'll be adding breaks on the website throughout the month of December and each break will have a specific number displayed within brackets [] on the break title. This number indicates the number of participants in the break that will be randomly selected to move into the year end prize drawing. For example, if a break has 30 spots available but the title begins with [10] then only 10 people will be selected for the year end drawing. If a break includes [ALL] in the title it means all participants of that break will automatically be moved into the drawing.

Prizes will be posted on social media, so stay tuned for the unveiling of prizes as we approach the new year!

Sometime towards the end of December, we'll do the prize drawing live on YouTube and upload the video as well. From there the participants who have been selected to choose a prize will be able to draft a prize based on the order of the randomized list.